Medication Means...

Medication is the process whereby one meets their needs or wants in a misapplied or dysfunctional way.

It is any activity that one cannot control, and it gets worse over time. It’s the use of a substance or behavior for the purpose of removing pain. 

Nobody escapes the trauma of failure in this life. Since we all fail to some degree in making connections and achieving goals, our happiness, joy, and well-being are decided by our ability to understand and live in acceptance. When we fight our pain, it increases, and we move to resistance, maladaptive behavior, stress, anxiety, addiction, and our pain increases to the degree we resist.

Acceptance is the ability to channel negative energy around or through your body and mind, instead of collecting it and festering over it. Acceptance doesn't mean you agree with the person, the story, or the behavior. It means that the person, story, or behavior doesn't control you, your mood, or your life.