How this protocol works...

In this personal growth protocol, you will focus on the two axioms from a unique approach.

What makes it unique is not some new scientific discovery that is the equivalent of a magic pill to cure all ill. Nope, such a miracle would do more harm than good. Lottery winners are not better off for their financial windfall. On the contrary, they are compromised and end up bankrupt, in jail, as addicts, or all of the above. 

This process teaches you the habits and principles of happiness, joy, and well-being. 

Nothing is new, only the application and the process. As a general rule, few people are taught these principles at home, school, church, or work.  

If you want to change, grow, find greater happiness, joy, and well-being, the process is guaranteed to work to the level you implement it.

You can’t cheat, skip, cram, or selectively choose your new habits, principles, or assignments. You follow the program, and you will notice a difference. Whatever behavior you want to change but don’t, you are choosing. Addiction is a disease of choice. Your job is to conquer you! 

The Personal Growth Protocol (PGP) is a self-guided journey into a lifelong process of growth, learning, and practice.

If followed, the habits developed and the new awareness of life will have a profound impact upon your happiness, joy, and well-being. The principles found within this journey are universal, which means you can apply the teachings at home, work, community, or church.