Zone of Proximal Development

The Zone of Proximal Development refers to the process of bridging the gap between what is known and what is not known. It is the distance between the actual development level and the level of potential development under guidance from a "More Knowledgeable Other" or an MKO. There are some things in life that books, videos, or self-discovery can't bridge.

This Growth Protocol touches the surface of a life filled with happiness, joy, and well-being. Through videos, podcasts, and the written word, you have a virtual MKO. Another step to the full process of growth is a feedback loop. That requires personal coaching either through an electronic format or a one-on-one experience. That decision is up to you. As demand increases, we will add feedback (coach interaction) to the process.

As you finish the protocol, the material gets thicker and richer. If you feel overwhelmed, that's part of the process. Stay with the protocol, repeat some segments, and when you are ready, move to the next training course. As we add more content, your experiences and understanding will be richer and deeper.

All the best,

Dr H