There are two axioms that drive behavior, 1) we are hard-wired to connect and 2) we each have a drive to learn, grow, and set & achieve goals. Since we are innately driven to make connections and friends, when we don’t connect in a satiable manner, it hurts.

When it hurts we medicate. Likewise, when we fail to reach our goals, it hurts. When it hurts, we medicate. Medication is the process whereby one meets their needs or wants in a misapplied or dysfunctional way. It is any activity that one cannot control and it gets worse over time.

It’s the use of a substance or behavior for the purpose of removing pain. Nobody escapes the trauma of failure in this life. Since we all fail to some degree in making connections and achieving goals, our happiness, joy, and well-being is decided by our ability to understand and live in acceptance.

When we fight our pain, it increases and we move to resistance, maladaptive behavior, stress, anxiety, addiction, and our pain increases to the degree we resist. In this process, you will focus on the two axioms from a unique approach.

What makes it unique is not some new scientific discovery that is the equivalent of a magic pill to cure all ill. Nope, such a miracle would do more harm than good. Lottery winners are not better off for their financial windfall. On the contrary, they are compromised and end up bankrupt, in jail, as addicts, or all of the above.

The next step is to review the outline and start in the workbook. Each section has reading assignments, questions to answer based on the readings, definitions to search, sayings to study, and models to consider, and applications to implement.

Best of success!