Most toxic people are not aware of their toxicity. They don’t mean to be toxic, critical, or controlling and they don’t understand why people get offended when they are.

This course will teach you how to invite a person (or yourself) into a healthy space with fulfilling relationships. Here are some areas you will learn and study in this course.

  • The difference between a leader and a manager
  • Understanding the difference between conflict and contention
  • The concept of collusion
  • Understanding different units in your life
  • How To Connect With People
  • Subtle dialogue techniques
  • How to recognize an accidental bully
  • How to handle a toxic manager
  • Who is responsible for toxic environments
  • The One Day Challenge

This course may focus on a one day challenge, but the patterns and awareness can last a lifetime. You are invited to take what you are about to learn and consider reviewing the content multiple times over the next few months. If you can name it (the behavior), you can change it.